The most important aspect of my work is emotions. I create intuitively, so in order to show them, I subconsciously choose the adequate form of expression: dynamics, vibrant colours, strong contours, or even a quick and almost comic way of approaching the subject. The reality that I show is not a faithful  reconstruction of what surrounds me. It is a world built on my own feelings or experiences, and the paintings themselves become a kind of intimate diary,

a record of the results of my observations. I hope that this mix of elements causes that the message in my works is quite clear and perceived also, perhaps above all, on an emotional level.

The women I depict in my paintings are strong, beautiful, wise, independent without the feeling of guilt, knowing their worth. Proud, free from restrictions and domestication. Seemingly delicate and fragile, but in fact warriors full of inner strength. The symbolism of my paintings seems quite obvious: beauty and apparent subtlety complemented by strength and independence. I am a woman myself and it is easier for me to express emotions in this way, talk about experiences and about human nature from the female side.

oil on canvas depicts a woman metaphor for insomnia - author Anna Bocek
INSOMNIA 60x60cm, 2022


INSOMNIA SERIES can symbolize a loss of balance, difficulties in finding peace, and emotional conflicts. Personally, I see insomnia as a way for the body to cope with internal struggles and anxiety. It's not just a problem; it's a signal that something needs attention and action. Insomnia acts as an alarm, indicating that life's equilibrium and harmony have been disrupted. It urges us to make changes, decisions, or find new ways to deal with difficulties. Insomnia prompts deep self-reflection to regain inner harmony and regain control over life.


RHAPSODY SERIES to me, is a metaphor of freedom, improvisation and emotional intensity, a symbol of breaking conventions to reach new worlds.


BLISS SERIES invites us to explore and experience a state of complete happiness and joy, inner peace and balance, that arises within us when we encounter beauty, love, or spiritual awakening, while simultaneously connecting with ourselves and the universe


NOCTURNE SERIES is often associated with a mood of melancholy, nostalgia for the past, and the transience of life. For me, it evokes more romantic and emotional feelings and symbolizes the dark night that fades away, making room for light and love


PRIMAVERA like nature's warm hug, where each leaf tells a story of starting anew, and every flower joins in the song of a fresh beginning








”COLORS OF EMOTIONS" is an open project so far consisting of two editions: 2019 and 2022 (realized in collaboration with ArtAffair Gallery, Regensburg)

Its aim is to explore emotions through diverse colors, forms, and expression. The project seeks to evoke feelings and provokes reflection on internal emotional states. It encourages individual interpretation and the discovery of personal associations




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Exhibition of oil painting COLIBRY and FORGET-ME-NOT Author- Anna Bocek



COLIBRIS are often seen as symbols of delicacy, harmony, and speed. They are also connected with nature, flowers, and beauty. To me, colibris represent energy, resilience, and a joyful outlook on life.

While FORGET-ME-NOT with its delicate blue petals, is mainly associated with sentimental emotions, hope, and rediscovering lost memories. For me, it symbolizes memory, love, and friendship.


COLIBRI (120x170cm, 2panels)

FORGET-ME-NOT (120x150cm






Exhibition of oil painting RED BUTTERFLY and MAGNOLIA TREE in Amsterdam







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